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Lakor - Seagull Squad Shirt - Dark slate

Lakor - Seagull Squad Shirt - Dark slate

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• The shirt is pre-washed
• Hawaiian collar
• Short sleeves
• Button fastening
• Chest pocket
• Short side slit
• Beachy/lightly open texture quality

• COLOR: Dark Slate
• FABRIC: 100% Organic Cotton
• FIT: Regular Fit
• WASH: 30 degrees
• Designed in Denmark, manufactured in Turkey

Pictured on this shirt are the speediest seagulls at the pier, and may God show mercy upon any tourist who blinks while opening a bag of chips or fumbles with the bait on their fishing rod. These harbor hustlers shun no means to snatch a free meal, and will in its pursuit gladly gobble up both your lunch sandwich and your forearm. They are the true tourist trap, and if you snooze, you bruise.

The shirt features a collar that sits regularly when buttoned all the way up, and turns into a Hawaiian collar when you open it up. The buttons themselves are made from coconuts, which will provide perfect summer vibes, whether you're at the beach or underneath the parasol.

  • Scandi Brands
  • Ship to EU, Greenland, Faroe Islands & Iceland
  • 30 days easy return
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